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餴ca. In 20○11 Huawei registe■red a $US3.4 bill○ion turnover 〓and dominated th○e continent with ●its 2G, 3G● and even ◆4G networks, es■pecially in Namibia● and Angola. The ◆group has won a 〓$US750 milli

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pgra〓de Globaco◆m's network in Nige●ria, and o■n the way t〓o become a m●ajor operator the〓re, since it investe●d $US627 mill●ion in cash-■strapped Nitel com■pany.  ●Huawei also co■mpleted the install◆ation of a Si○lphium under●seas cable to se●rve Libya and Eth●iopia.Li Dafeng,〓 Huawei's h○ead of East an●d Southern ●Africa regions, sai○d, "Huawei has i◆mproved from B2●B to B2C profil◆e and is dev

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